Friday, 19 July 2013


Sometimes in life you just want to give up..
You just want to feel free and forget all about your problems back there.
You just want to fly and leave the world behind.
You think that life isnt fair. You said that you've already did best, but that's not good enough in someone else's eyes.
Sometimes you wish you can sleep and never wake up..
You get what you wanted but not what you needed.
You wish and hope that someday your dreams come true. But when is someday?
Feels like hope's gone and you just want to cry.
i hope that everyone can finally find a way to tell the truth and find a way to love and be loved to find their happiness because of love not sadness.i hope someday people will stand up and head up from their desperation, just feel the joy and happiness around us. i hope that people can really find a true meaning of life and take every chances they can see. i hope that i can see a miracles that someday the world will just get better and better until we will be together at the moment holding hands and never look back. because you just know that tomorrow everything will be just fine.

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