Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pinky Day

Hello. I'm just not feeling ok these past week. I dont talk to anyone, barely eat and i feel so alone. God help me.
Nah, forget about me. Today i the weather is so warm and decided to read shakespeare and then having a pizza! yummy i just cant live without it but i feel so full and want to vomit. i cant eat more than 4 slices lol :p love you all x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Sometimes in life things dont go the way we wanted to be. And when we're expecting something to be perfect it turns out to be something unperfect. As long as my 18 years of life i learnt that life isnt easy. These past few months maybe are the worst time. I'm not getting into college the way it supposed to be, i missed the date and i wasted 1 year. More fights with my family, my family seems so distant but so close, i dont see the relationship goes like it used to. Sometimes i feel so desperate. I usually feel the what people feel, always worry and scared. Honestly i get jealous everytime i see someone that can get everything they want because they got money and wasted money for something unimportant, but there are still many people who still fight for what they need to survive. I dont know how life can be so cruel and people can be so selfish. Everynight i pray that God can give me a chance to help people to change the world to prove that He's still here with us, help us and still care about us. I believe that i have no luck in this life, i always lost the competition and i'm the one who ended up crying. So nowadays i dont usually hope too much, because i'm tired and sick of all. I just hope that it's not too late to get something that i want, something that i really dreamed of, i hope that God can answer all of our prayers and give us a reasons to believe that tomorrow everythings will be just fine. I wish that God can give me and you a chance to live in our dreams. One of our biggest dreams to be the person we always wanted to be. To make people happy and give them a reason to believe. Always wish that God can help me and send an angel up from above to guide me to find a place in this life, to open the way to future. So that i dont get lost, i'm not gonna give up and i'm not hopeless. So that someday i will help to change the world into a better place. Show us Your miracles. I believe.

"Promise that you'll not be selfish, always cherish every moment, help to change the world so that we'll see an end to hopelessness and giving up and the very important part is you need to believe."

Jeremiah 29 : 11-14

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Cream all the way

Hello happy sunday!!
So sad september almost end. How time flies fast i dont understand lol ;p
So today after went to church i feel a lil bit boring at home so i decided to take some lazy pictures hahaha.

Have a nice week ahead! enjoy x