Monday, 8 July 2013

Hello.. Struggling about College

OMG. Its been too long since i wrote my last update. so sorry! i forget i have a blog.
So ive been in my very lazy summer holiday, its been 3 months since the last time i go to school.
and i dont know until when.... because i havent decided anything.
For sure i wanted to study in Marangoni university in UK. I apply and i got in.
But the problem is the tuition fee for my major is very expensive.
I wanted to apply scholarship but international student must attend 1 year of foundation program.
and then the foundation program is too expensive around 15000 pounds / year.
So sad right. and the dorm itself cost 10000 pounds/year. OMG..
I'm so sad and dont know what to do, Marangoni is my dream.
but i dont know how can i earn that much money to study in Marangoni.
And i really dont know what should i do next..
I dont want to go to another college such as lasalle or anything. Its kinda useless cause they dont have bachelor program.
I just wanted the best thing for me..
Ive spent this entire summer holiday just going to shopping to let go my desperation..
I know its kinda useless..
Maybe i can only dream..:'(
Someday miracle come to my life..

I dream everyday because there is no other way i can see it happens.

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